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Although describing themselves as a Blues band, the sonic touchstone for I Feel Like Crying is more Tom Petty, it has that same heart-land Americana sound to it, particularly on such tracks as openers Saturday Night, or I Feel Like Crying. The 10 originals on this album speak of the talent involved in the album. The ensemble, led by singer songwriter and guitarist Eric Hansson, consists of producer Surjo Benigh of bass, guitar, and backing vocals, Kjell Gustavson on drums, percussion and backing vocals, and Joakim Svalberg on Hammond Organ, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Piano and Mellotron have a full sound, taking in elements of blues, rock, and psychedelia. The guitar playing is musical rather than being overly technical, with a pleasing melodic side to it. All of the sounds fit well together, and it is more than a rehash of 12-bar clichés. Don’t Let Me Drown mixes a pleasing guitar part to a punch rhythm, whilst Die Young has something of Mick Jagger in the vocal delivery. You Make Me Happy has a glam-rock swagger to it, with plenty of Hammond Organ upfront, Lily of the Valley is Beatlesque ballad with plenty of keyboard, and album closer Who Do You Love? Is a dance rhythm piece, with plenty of keyboard and stinging lead guitar. So, all in all, this is a good release, and although some of the tracks already seem familiar, they still stand repeated listening, and there is some fine playing on this album, particularly for those who like their playing more Knopfler or Cooder than Malmsteen or Bonamassa.

20/11 Katalin

Eric Hansson, Surjo Benigh, Kjell Gustavsson Special guest Andreas Hellkvist ( Hammondorgan)