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I feel like crying
March 2019

1. Saturday night
2. I feel like crying
3. Don´t let me drown
4. Die young
5. Call me
6. She´s gone
7. I´ll keep on moving
8. You make me happy
9. Lily of the valley
10.Who do you love

Eric´sbluesband- I  Feel Like Crying” we have ten songs, all written by Eric Hansson. This, the fifth record in a row is relatively broad excursion into Blues and Rock. The most important thing was to go with the feeling and make an album where every song has its own story. Eric Hansson sings and plays electric and acoustic guitar. Artists like Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall 11, Gary Clark jr, John Mayer and blues heroes like Albert King and BB king were some of many inspirations for Eric. ”I feel like crying” is produced by Surjo Benigh (Ulf Lundell, Boppers, Ringo Franco et al) who also plays bass, guitar and backing vocals. The album also features veteran musicians Kjell Gustavsson (Peter Carlsson, Owe Törnqvist et al) on drums, percussion and backing vocals. Joakim Svalberg (Opeth, Yngwie Malmsteen et al) plays the hammond organ, Rhodes/Wurlitzer/Upright pianos and Mellotron. ”I feel like Crying” was engineered by Ola Höglund at Tejp studio. Mix and overdubs at Studio Släggan by Kjell Gustavsson´. 

Better late then never
October 2016

Micke Fall 

1. Would you kick somebody
2. You`re not my friend
3. I believe
4. 25 or 52
5. I´m too old
6. Walking in Illinois
7. Rather be a dog
8. The woman you used to be
9. Face of a kid
10. A place in heaven

Dirty road
May 2014

Guests Jimmy Zavala
1. You and me (featuring Jimmy Zavala)
2. The end
3. I´ll dig into my soul
4. Breaking up
5. Nights full of joy
6. Blue funk
7. Lights are on but nobody`s home
8. I believe in her soul
9. Dirty road
19. Sinking like a stone


On Eric's Bluesband's new CD, "Dirty Road", we have ten songs, all but one written by Eric Hansson. This, the fourth record in a row, is a relatively broad excursion into the "roots" catagory, but still keeps its feet firmly placed in the Blues. "Dirty Road" is about getting at feelings and reality. On this record, Eric Hansson sings and plays electric, acoustic and
slide guitar. Artists like Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Freddy King and newer artists like Doyle Bramhall II and John Mayer were some of many inspirations for Eric.On "Dirty Road” we have Jimmy Zavala on harmonica, whose credits are pretty much unrestricted (Eurythmics, Etta James and Tom Petty to name just a few). Dirty Road" was engineered by Jugglo Wall at Jugglo's Place studio, and mixed by Micke Ajax at Bergshamra studio. Micke Ajax also plays drums on the song "I Believe In Her Soul" and percussion throughout. The album is produced by Surjo Benigh who also plays bass,
guitar and backing vocals.
The album also features veteran musicians ; Michael Johansson on drums, Marcus Olsson on piano and organ and Michael Stenberg on background vocals.
"Dirty Road" is the first record to be released on Eric's own record label Ebb Records©2014. Eric's Bluesband began in l999. Over the years, Eric's Bluesband has accumulated an impressive list of gigs, tours, and diverse ventures with Swedish artists and top artists from other countries, like Mats Ronander, Clas Yngström, Alan Haynes and Jimmy
Zavala. Eric's Bluesband has also played as warm up act to artists such as Joe Bonamassa, Dave Hole and Nationalteatern.

From town to town
March 2008

Mats Ronander, Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson and Stevie Klasson

1. Taxi take me down the road
2. From town to town
3. I’m a man
4. Girl, please don’t cry
5. He will always be here
6. Tears running
7. Three o’clock in the morning
8. Another sad goodbye
9. Glass of water
10. I’ve done it again


From Town To Town". It was recorded in as much as 4 different studios: The A-Stream, Gigstudion, Daddy Longlegs and for the lead vocals they used Vokalkraft studio. The cd is in a real nice and tasteful cover, designed by bassplayer Tomas Klinta. All songs on this cd are own compositions. Allen Finney helped with the lyrics, because English is his language.

Besides Eric on guitar, there is Henning Axelsson keyboards and percussion, the bassplayer Tomas Klinta, mentioned above and drummer Patrick Fackt. This solid core gets help from some studiomusicians on harmonica, sax,trombone, trumpet, backingvocals and some extra percussion.


Allen Finney and Ebb
Febuary 2006

1. Don't look down at your shoes
2. Friends from uptown
3. Minimal city
4. Not now my love
5. Mama had the blues
6. Never too late to get straight
7. S:t James infermary blues (trad.)
8. Paper cup
9. Jim Dandy
10. Love line
11. Big wind
12. Little mistakes
13. Fate steps in


Steeped in the roots traditions of American folk, rock, country, blues, and jazz, Allen Finney emerges with unique expressions in his own musical style. Some compare his voice and vision to J.J. Cale's and Bob Dylan's.
His previous CD Laying My Monkey Down, with Fat City Blues, was the first to feature only his original songs. Now he returns with an all-acoustic set, Allen Finney and EBB, showcasing his more recent material. Eric's Bluesband accompanies him unplugged with a fresh, immediate sound.