The History of Eric ́s Bluesband

The band Eric ́s Bluesband (Ebb) was born in November 1999. Ebb started out playing at various pubs in Stockholm. The music that time was influenced by Cream, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton. Bluesstandards mixed with our own material. After playing a lot in Stockholm, Ebb got more and more gigs all around Sweden. In 2001 the first album was recorded (Take One) with great guestmusicians; "Master" Henry Gibson and Allen Finney.

In spring 2004 our second album (There ́s An Angel In My Tree) was released with producer Brian Kramer. Guests on this album was among

others Clas Yngström and Brian Kramer. In the beginning of 2006 we started to work on a album together with Allen Finney.
The record (Allen Finney and Ebb) was released in August and got lots of good reviewes.

In the beginning of 2007 Ebb attended with Allen Finney on the Swedish chanel TV4. At the same year Ebb did a supportact for Joe Bonamassa, in Sweden.

In 2008 Ebb released a new record (From Town To Town) on the label Another highlight during the same year was a tour Ebb did together with Alan Haynes from Texas. Ebb started to work with a hornsection on some of the gigs which made our sound more full.

2009 was a year with lots of playing live gigs and promoting the new album which received many good reviewes. That year Ebb also went out of Scandinavia for the first time playing on the International Blues Fest in Hamburg (Germany)

In the beginning of 2010, after ten years of playing together, the members of Ebb decided to go in different directions. Eric Hansson started to work with some of the best freelance musicians in Sweden. Eric has kept the band name, and has been continuing touring regulary. At 2010 Ebb started to play together with the Swedish blues and rock legend, Mats Ronander.

In 2011 Ebb attended on some great festivals and did a Swedish tour with the harmonica/saxplayer Jimmy Z.

During 2012 Ebb is working on a new CD, that will be released in 2013/2014